Ticketflap FAQ

I’m an event organiser, how do I go about selling tickets on Ticketflap?

Please contact us at info@totalticketing.com and our sales team will be in touch.

I can not proceed to payment page.

Your internet setting maybe preventing online payment. Please try on your smartphone without using wifi to isolate the problem, or try on other web browser on your computer.

I want to give to my ticket to my friend:

You can transfer your tickets to another person using your Ticketflap account. The recipient will need to register his email at Ticketflap to download the transferred ticket. The transferred ticket(s) will be removed from your account.

I want to know the event details such as program details, venue details, food options

Please contact the event organizer. You can send message directly to the event organizer from “Contact Host” button on the event page.

Can I change the name associated to a ticket after I have bought it?

Absolutely. Once you’re logged in, go to your “My Tickets” page, and click on “Change name” next to the ticket you’d like to reassign.

How do I pay for my tickets?

"At the moment, we accept major credit cards, Octopus, Payme, WeChat(HK). For certain events, PPS payment also available."

Why do I have to put a name (as it appears on the ID Card) on every ticket I buy?

Basically, we need to do everything we can to stop ticket touts and any kind of ticket-related fraud. By making sure you are who you say you are, we can eliminate the black market as much as possible, which is good news for everyone. In HK, we all have ID Cards, so the solution is simple. Lucky us.

I never received the confirmation email. I'm not sure if I purchased them within the time limit.

If the time limit expired before you completed the ticket buying purchase, and you have not received a confirmation email, then it is unlikely that the payment went through. However, please do remember to check your junk mail folder for the confirmation email, as well as logging on to your "My Tickets" page on Ticketflap. Your purchased tickets will be listed there if they have been successfully purchased.

I purchased a ticket but I can't see it, even if I click download. Help!

If the ticket does not download automatically it means that the ticket may not have purchased successfully. To double-check this, please login and check your "My Tickets" page to see whether the ticket is listed. If not, then the ticket has not been purchased. If it is, you can download the ticket directly from that page (just click on "Download Tickets"). If you believe there is a further issue here, then please get in touch with us by submitting a request.

What ID should I bring along with me?

"Your HK ID card is the best ID there is, and since in HK you’re likely to have this on you anyway, this should present no problems! If you’re coming from out of town, don’t stress, simply be sure to bring along some form of formal/official ID (passport, driving license etc). Remember, in all cases, it’s very important that the name on your ticket matches precisely what is written on your ID i.e. Don’t use nicknames or common names if that’s not what’s in black and white on your ID. It will only lead to problems on the door and you won’t be able to get in. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…"

Do we all need to enter the venue together at the same time if I buy tickets for some friends ?

Thankfully no. Each ticket has an individual name associated to it, so simply ensure that you have the correct name on each ticket and each person is in possession of their ticket (you can email the ticket you bought directly to your friend or simply print it out for them and pass it to them anytime before the show.)

What does it mean when I’m asked to enter my name “as it appears on ID”?

This refers to the importance of having the name that’s on your ticket match exactly how it is written on your proof of ID. For example, if your name is John Chan and all your friends call you John Chan - but – your ID card states you as Chan Yiu Ming. Then be sure to type “Chan Yiu Ming” on your ticket and NOT John Chan.

Can I transfer my ticket to my smartphone?

Yes! Please transfer the PDF to your phone and use your PDF viewer of choice. When you come to the event check that the QR code and can be clearly seen on the screen of your phone.

Can I cancel the ticket and get a refund if I've bought a ticket and change my mind about going?

Ticketflap will only automatically refund tickets (less the original booking fee) if an event is cancelled or does not take place. Remember, you can always reallocate your ticket to a different person - so if you don't want to go for whatever reason, you can always pass on your ticket to someone else so long as you change the name associated with the ticket online (see above).

I have downloaded my ticket though I have lost it. Help!

"Don’t worry, you can download your ticket as many times as you like. Simply go to your “My Tickets” page and click on the “download” link. Word of warning though – you can only ever use a ticket once (no matter how many times you may have downloaded/printed it off). Once the ticket is used for entry, the system will be able to recognize if anyone else attempts to use the same ticket, and especially if for any suspected fraudulent gains. At which point the Event Host usually will get very angry."

How do I cancel my booking?

Once a ticket is purchased, we are unable to accept cancellations. You may however, reallocate your ticket to someone else if you decide for whatever reason not to attend an event.

Can I change payment methods after payment?

Once your payment has been processed, it is not possible to change payment methods.

I lost my ticket and I already closed my account after purchasing it. What to do?

Please get in touch with us by submitting a request .

I don't have smart phone to keep my PDF ticket. What to do?

No problem, simply print out the downloaded ticket and bring it with you to the event.

The website seems to have frozen whilst I was registering my details. When I tried again, the tickets were sold out. Do I have any priority?

Ticketflap uses a highly developed digital 'queuing' system to provide the fairest way of allocating the tickets to buyers. Your place in the queue depends on when you click to buy a ticket. When purchasing a ticket, we give each buyer 10 minutes to complete the process, and after that time, it's only fair to give the next person in line that same chance. If you are unable to complete the ticket purchase within the 10 minute time-frame (for whatever reason) then you will have to start again like everyone else.

Can I buy tickets from outlets/ a physical store?

This is all at the discretion of the Event Host in terms of where they'd like to sell their tickets. In some cases tickets will be available both online and at physical locations. Check out the individual event page details to find out exactly where tickets are available.

What happens if an event is postponed or cancelled?

"First off, we’ll do everything we can to let you know as soon as possible! An email will go out to your registered address the moment we are informed of any changes to an event’s details. The refund policy for any event is set by the event host. In most cases, when postponed, your tickets will be valid for the new date. If cancelled, you will be refunded the face value of your ticket (though please note the booking fee is always non-refundable)"

Why is the booking fee non-refundable?

"Good question! The answer is simple – even if an event is cancelled, we still have to pay the processing charges to the credit card companies no matter what happens. We keep our booking fees as low as possible, and we’re only able to do that by setting simple, transparent fees which we use to keep Ticketflap alive. "

How and when will I receive my refund?

"It will be refund back to your card that was used for the original payment, less the booking fee. It will take 2 - 3 weeks to wait for payment process to clear from banks."

I forgot my password. But when I type my email, the system says there's no such account. Why?

Please check whether you’ve previously closed the account or perhaps have registered the account to a different email address. If neither applies, please contact us directly by submitting a request with your details and our customer services team will look into it.

When I purchase tickets, your system stores my details, is it safe ?

Of course ! Keeping personal data safe is our first priority mission. We do not store credit card details and follow rules of all banks & payment gateways, whilst protecting your personal data.

Can I bring kids to the event ? Do I need to buy tickets for my 10 year-old kid ?

Age restriction is decided by the Organizer, please view event details for more information.